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Sign-ON Letter by Fri, May 3rd

Posted on May 1st, 2013

In the days before the pending 2013 “Special Session” you will receive a few opportunities for your organization to sign onto letters supporting health reform and legislative session related issues. These will be OPT-IN letters. The reason these letters are coming to you now is because our priorities did not get fully addressed during the 2013 regular legislative session, and now is the time for us to weigh-in with suggested fixes before the special session.

The first SIGN ON letter from your colleagues in the HWC Insurance & Exchange Subcommittee about a concerning provision in ESHB 1947, the Exchange financing bill. The HWC is strongly committed to passing ESHB 1947 (the only balanced solution for Exchange sustainability that is being seriously considered at this time), yet the most recent version of the bill contains a very concerning provision. The Senate Healthcare committee inserted language in Section 3(7) that would limit the ability to modify criteria to promote high quality products among the Qualified Health Plans (QHP).

This limitation means WA State would not be able to adjust QHP criteria to promote certain plans with innovative care delivery models, might not be able to prevent marketing that aims to “cherrypick” healthier people, or add other important consumer safeguards. The attached letter supports an amendment to the language that, while not perfect, could help mitigate the harm of Section 3(7).

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