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Two Updates

Posted on June 8th, 2013

Here are two updates for your consideration:

1. From the Health Care Authority:

HCA is looking for stakeholder involvement from in State Health Care Innovation Planning (SHCIP). Participation in our SHCIP Feedback Network is the primary way to receive all of our requests for feedback. Attached is a draft vision statement for your feedback. Read the draft and let us know broadly what you like, dislike, and/or high-level suggestions for improvement by emailing

2. From the Washington Dental Service Foundation:

WDSF created an Action Alert for organizations to contact legislators about restoring dental coverage for low-income adults. Budget negotiations are still going on, so if you haven’t yet contacted your legislators, this is the final advocacy push to ensure that legislators understand the importance of fully restoring dental coverage and hear from constituents who care about this issue. Please send a message to restore dental coverage to your legislators. Encourage your colleagues, neighbors, friends, and family to participate. This could help over 700,000 people gain needed coverage.

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