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Gov’s Leadership, Budget Doc, and Action

Posted on July 22nd, 2013

The Governor called for the Second Special Session to begin this morning at 9 am. Members of the legislature must come to an agreement about the budgets before July 1st to prevent a government shut-down.

Yesterday, in Governor Insleeā€™s press conference, he told legislative members that the biggest priority needs to be passing budgets, and not debating ideological policy bills from the Senate MCC which are a distraction from the budget. He said that a government shut down should not be necessary if legislative members would set aside these policy bills and pass a budget in the next few weeks.

As budget negotiations continue, we are interested in collecting your feedback on the latest budget proposals. I am sharing the excellent budget document created by Christina Peters of the Health Coalition for Children and Youth (HCCY) which compares the previous budget proposals. If there is an item that is not on the list, please let me know:

Please contact your legislative members today! Here are two Action Alerts to ask members to pass the budgets, reject ideological policy bills, and get out of session. We hope every legislative member will work to avoid a government shut down by passing the budget before the end of the month because health care and safety net programs for vulnerable individuals and families could be impacted. As the Governor said, the time is now to stop playing games, put aside contentious policy bills, and pass the budget.

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